Loïc Nottet returns with new track, ‘29’

Former Belgian Eurovision representative Loïc Nottet has returned with a new single titled 29 which marks the first new single for the artist in 2019.

Loïc Nottet first came to our attention back in 2015 as a result of his participation at Eurovision, but is an artist hard to forget with a string of incredible songs since his participation. He released his debut album Selfocracy back in 2017 which reached platinum status in Belgium and received critical acclaim.

His latest single, 29, is the first new release of the year from the young Belgian artist and was written by Loïc himself alongside Sacha Skarbek, with the latter also the producer of the song. The song has an accompanying music video which was directed by Julien Hosmalin and was produced by LEFT Productions.

Once again, the lyrics stand out due to their highly personal nature with the song discussing the tender topic of heartbreak and lost love. In keeping with his style, his vocals convey immense emotions, with the song featuring his signature powerful vocals, but at times the song feels much more delicate than what we’ve heard before from Loïc.

Watch the official video below: