Scandinavia Week: Anna Bergendahl returns with new song, Home

Former Eurovision representative, and Melodifestivalen participant Anna Bergendahl has returned with a new track titled Home.

The Swedish artist returned to Melodifestivalen this year with the song Ashes to Ashes however finished in 10th place in the final. The song was a big hit regardless, and her latest track should follow on from that success.

Home was written by Anna herself, as well as Per Magnusson and Niklas Carson Mattsson. The song is another catchy pop number, with Anna’s signature country style vocals. The beat in this track feels a bit more modern, and ultimately makes the song super radio friendly.

Anna has talked about the song, saying, ‘Home is a song about the dimensions of a human being. One can be both fragile and strong – the beauty and the beast – simultaneously. A task as simple as breathing can be hard, and happiness is not persistent – it is fleeting. And still, we get up every morning and continue the search for “home”. A rest for the soul. And one day we will get there.’

Listen to the song below: