Slovenia confirms for Eurovision 2020 and launches EMA FREŠ

Slovenian broadcaster RTVSLO has now confirmed their participation at Eurovision 2020, and meanwhile also announced a new aspect to their national selection.

The broadcaster has chosen to continue using the national final format of EMA, however will be introducing an opportunity for unknown and up and coming artists to compete in the competition. EMA FREŠ will provide this opportunity, and will be open to artists who are not yet 26 years old, and who have commercially released no more than three copyrighted songs.

Interested performers are invited to send in a minute-long performance to the broadcaster, with the deadline to apply in this part of the selection on September 19th. RTVSLO will be posting the recordings on the broadcaster’s website and social media daily and launching an online vote for a daily winner. The daily winners will be part of a weekly contest and a winner will be decided each week. After multiple rounds, a winner will be decided and that winner will go on to compete in EMA 2020.

Artists interested in competing in EMA (i.e., those who do not meet the criteria of EMA FREŠ) have until November 20 to apply.

Stay tuned for more news from Slovenia, but for now, watch the 2018 performance below: