Estonia confirms Eesti Laul for Eurovision 2020

Estonian broadcaster ERR have confirmed their participation at Eurovision 2020, and furthermore confirmed that they will be once again using the Eesti Laul format to select their entry.

The final of Eesti Laul 2020 will be on February 29th, with a total of 24 acts to compete in the national selection in total. There will be two semi-finals to determine the acts that will continue through to the Grand Final, where the winner will go on to represent Estonia at Eurovision in 2020. The first semi-final is scheduled for February 13th, and the second is scheduled for February 15th. The locations for the semi-finals have not yet been revealed.

From each semi-final, six acts will qualify to the final. There will be two rounds of voting, the first round will feature the jury and televote who will select four of the six qualifiers. In the second round, the public will select two more qualifiers. A similar format will be used in the final, where a jury and televote will determine the top 3 acts, and then during a super final, the winner will be decided.

Interestingly, there is a rule for Eesti Laul which stipulates that the staging used for the competition will also be used at Eurovision with modifications only allowed if the staging does not meet the rules of Eurovision. This means that voters will be voting for the entire package, song, singer and staging.

The submission period for interested artists will begin on September 1st and will close on November 6th at 12:00. The acts competing will be revealed no later than November 15th.

Victor Crone represented Estonia at Eurovision 2019 with the song Storm, which you can watch below: