Eurovision In Concert 2020 Date Confirmed

Eurovision In Concert is one of the biggest, most anticipated Eurovision pre-parties of the season, and the dates of the 2020 concert have been confirmed. The event will take place on April 4th in Amsterdam.

For the third year in a row, the concert will be held in the larger venue, AFAS Live in Amsterdam. Information about ticket sales will be released soon.

This will be the first time that a Eurovision pre-party will be held in the nation actually hosting Eurovision. Previously Israel has held Israel Calling, however chose not to hold the event due to hosting Eurovision in 2019.

Eurovision in Concert began in 2009 and has become the place to be for Eurovision participants and fans alike. In recent years, majority of the competing artists will choose to perform at Eurovision in Concert, with the record being 35 of the 42 competing nations back in 2017. The event also often features special guests from previous editions of Eurovision.

Stay tuned for more news on ticket sales!