Wiktoria Gabor Qualifies from Szansa na Sukces Heat 2!

The second heat of the Polish Junior Eurovision pre-selection, Szansa na Sukces has taken place with the next qualifier decided.

There will be a total of three heats during the competition, and the competitors each week have to perform songs from a chosen artist. This week, the contestants had to perform songs by Blue Café, who previously represented Poland at Eurovision in 2004.

Here are the competitors:

  • Maksymilian Wysocki – Buena
  • Marianna Józefina Piątkowska – Do nieba
  • Wiktoria Gabor – You May Be In Love
  • Oliwia Kopiec – To Ty
  • Krzysztof Kwaśny – Czas nie będzie czekał
  • Oliwia Stefanowska – Zapamiętaj
  • Zusia Janik – Kochamy Siebie

The winner of the heat was Wiktoria Gabor, and she will join Nikola Fiedor and next week’s qualifier in the final which will take place on the 26th of September.

Watch the performance below: