Czech Republic Cancels Televised National Selection

Czech broadcaster Česká Televise have now confirmed that the previously planned televised national final has been cancelled in favour for an online selection.

It was previously announced that the Czech Republic would be holding a televised national selection to determine their 2020 Eurovision entry, however it has now been announced that this plan has been scrapped. On the Czech Eurovision Facebook page, they state that the decision was difficult, however due to ‘many circumstances’ the broadcaster will no longer go ahead with the selection. The broadcaster did not explain the circumstances behind the cancellation, but hopes to revisit the idea in the future.

Instead, the Czech representative will be selected through a similar format as the previous two years. The participants of the selection will be revealed on the 6th of January, and their songs will be revealed on the 13th of January. The voting will also begin on the 13th, and will close on the 26th of January.

Stay tuned for more news from the Czech Republic.