Czech Participants for National Selection are Revealed!

After originally planning a televised selection, the Czech broadcaster then reverted back to their previous online format of national selection. Now, the seven artists competing in the selection have been revealed.

All the songs competing will be revealed on the 20th of January, and the online voting will begin on the same day.  The voting will conclude on January 26th. Fans will be able to vote on the Eurovision App. A week after the voting closes, the broadcaster will announce the winner. An international jury will also have their say, and their votes mixed with the public votes will determine the winner.

Here are the participants:

  • Barbora Mochowa
  • Benny Cristo
  • Elis Mraz a Čis T
  • Karelll
  • Olga Lounová
  • Pam Rabbit
  • We All Poop

Familiar names to the line-up include Barbora Mochowa and Pam Rabbit who both participated in the 2019 Czech selection. Barbora finished in 3rd place, while Pam Rabbit finished in 4th.

Stay tuned for the song reveal!