Romania to Select Eurovision Participant Internally, but Song Publicly

Romanian broadcaster TVR have announced changes to their selection format for Eurovision. Unlike in previous years, the broadcaster will select the artist internally, while holding a public selection for the song.

This year, the Romanian participant will be selected internally by a special jury. The jury will take into consideration criteria such as vocals, artistry, empathy and how the artist expresses themselves. In addition to selecting the artist, the jury will also select five songs that will feature in a public selection, where the public will decide on which of those songs will represent Romania at Eurovision.

The first part of the process is that the artist will be selected. From that point, a song writing camp will take place, where some of Romania’s best composers and artists will write song for the internally selected artist. The best five songs will be selected by experts from the music industry, using the criteria of sound, originality, style diversity and message.

On March 1st, the five selected songs will be performed by the chosen artist in the Public Selection. The voting will consist of both public and jury vote, but in the case of a tie, the public vote will prevail.

Who do you want to see represent Romania at Eurovision this year?