Germany Releases Final Version of ‘Stronger With You’

Earlier in the month, Germany selected their debut act for Junior Eurovision this year, with Susan set to represent the nation with the song Stronger With You. The song has since been revamped, and the final version and music video have been released.

Public broadcaster KiKA are responsible for Germany’s participation at Junior Eurovision, and their Director of Programming, Dr. Astrid Plenk has commented on this exciting step for the debut nation, saying,

‘We have all been waiting for this moment for so long: today, the video for Stronger With You will finally be released on all our channels. This is a big day not just for Susan, but also for us at NDR and ZDF. Of course, just like everywhere else, a lot will be different than originally planned with this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest. But together, we will make the best of it for the contestants and audience all around Europe. We wish Susan the best of luck with her amazing song and fascinating performance.’

The music video was produced by broadcaster NDR, and was filmed in Berlin in locations such as the Brandenburg Gate, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg’s studio and ‘The Gardens of the World’ in Marzahn.

Watch the official video below:

Watch behind the scenes of the recording process below: