Latvian Representative Samanta Tīna Unveils ‘The Moon Is Rising’

The Latvian Eurovision entry has now been revealed, with the song titled The Moon Is Rising. Representing the nation is Samanta Tīna, who was reselected after being chosen to represent Latvia for Eurovision 2020, which was inevitably cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To find the right song, a songwriting camp called RIGA LIVE was organised. The Moon Is Rising was written by SKVR and Aminata Savadogo, who represented Latvia at Eurovision back in 2014 with the song Love Injected. She also co-wrote Still Breathing, the song that was meant to represent Latvia in 2020.

Speaking of the song, Samanta says, ‘This song is about powerful and admirable women, about every single one of us. I invite women to not be afraid of ourselves and of being different. My song encourages women to make a crown with their own hands and put it on the head to be the ruler of life. To love and believe in ourselves. Then we will be loved by the people around us.

I believe that your attitude towards yourself changes the way people treat you, but it is not enough. And for this reason the most important line in my song is: if you have something to say, say it to my face. Let’s accept and love ourselves, let’s be proud of what God has given us, let’s accept our differences and stand for equality!’

Listen to the song below:

The music video was directed and produced by Samanta herself, in collaboration with Aiga Baikova. The man behind the camera was Ritvars Bluka who filmed the music video using a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G mobile phone.