Rehearsal Day 1 – Lithuania

Visually, Lithuania is delivering a performance very reminiscent of their national final performance, which was to be expected. We see an almost identical choreographed routine, which highlights the quirkiness of the group. Purple is once again featured as the background colour, however there are some additions on the backing screens compared to their national final performance. As a whole, the staging is slick, and the camera shots are working well. This is a strong opening performance for the show.

(Photo provided by EBU)

We see the group wear their signature yellow outfits, as expected. Lithuania is demonstrating that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The yellow really pops with the stage colours, which are predominately purple and blue.

The vocals were strong, again, with a performance similar to the national final. Lithuania will certainly qualify, and a strong result in the final seems likely.

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