Rehearsal Day 1 – Slovenia

Slovenia has a difficult starting position this year, and will need something impressive to send them into the final. Ana is on stage alone, and it really highlights just how big the stage is this year. While you can hear the gospel backing vocals, there’s no vocalists in sight wit the focus on the big vocals from Ana. She is wearing a white jumpsuit, similar to the one in the music video.

The staging is interesting, but I wouldn’t go as far to say that it’s impressive. We are seeing a lot of earth imagery, with literally an earth projected behind Ana in one part of the performance. At other times, we see different landscapes projected behind her, especially as she makes her way to the front, smaller stage.

(photo provided by EBU)

The opening shots are close, with a nebula like design behind her. Then we see a star-like design as she hits the first chorus. Some camera issues in the final run through, but nothing that can’t be fixed before the next rehearsal.

Vocally, Ana belts this song out with ease. This seems more impressive than the studio, at least in terms of the vocals. It’s a shame that the staging seems a bit too messy.

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