Rehearsal Day 2 – Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is certainly turning up prepared, with a good staging concept and strong vocals. Efendi is looking mini on stage thanks to her outfit and a bunch of tall backing dancers! She is certainly a pocket rocket however, nailing the vocals in each run through and keeping up with the choreography.

The staging is interesting, and certainly plays on the middle eastern sounds in the song itself. We see a gold globe on the backing screen behind Efendi, and occasionally it has a snake projected on the globe. The rest of the stage is like a lattice style pattern which is proving to be incredibly hard to describe! The colours are all over the place, and thatโ€™s probably my only issue with this performance. Instead of sticking with a gold and black theme, which I think would have been better, they have instead utilised every colour of the rainbow in this performance. The lighting really is all over the place with the colours, and I feel the only way this would look good is with a full audience going crazy.

Vocally, Efendi is absolutely nailing each and every run through. No issues here. I think we will see Azerbaijan in the final.