Rehearsal Day 3 – Estonia

Estonia is coming into the competition with a song that isn’t expected to reach the final, but as we know, rehearsals can really change the game. Coming after San Marino, Estonia is keeping things simple which is a stark contrast. The staging is dark and moody, and is very reminiscent to the national final performance. There are no chains on stage, but they do continue to cut to the shots of the ocean. The backing screens often show clips of clouds and a dark sky, however at the end of the performance, it turns red and features more lightning. The last run through featured smoke which adds to the moody atmosphere. The camera shots are quite quick at times, and the long shots really demonstrate how big the stage is, and it looks very empty.

The vocals were decent, but not spectacular. The final choruses of the song, the backing vocals are turned up quite high, and it’s hard to hear Uku. That said, there wasn’t too much to critique in the vocal department.  Uku is wearing a white shirt and black pants, with a black tie undone.

Overall, this is what it is.