Rehearsal Day 3 – San Marino

The producers did a good job picking San Marino as the semi-final opener with Senhit really bringing the energy on stage. If you have seen any of Senhit’s recent cover videos, or even just her music video for Adrenalina, you will know that her and her team love to go over the top. Her stage performance sticks with that theme, and there’s a lot to take in during the three minutes. The performance is very colourful, and we occasionally see Senhit’s face on the backing screens. There is a platform on stage that rotates, and Senhit is joined by backing dancers.

The vocals throughout the performance were strong, and the rap break was performed by no other than… a stand in. It’s not Flo Rida, but it’s still unclear whether we will see him take to the stage in the semi-final. Regardless, the rap break is still part of the song, and it’s well performed although in some of the camera shots prior to his part of the song, you can see him standing at the side of the stage. They will surely tighten that up prior to the semi-final.

Senhit is wearing a very a very elaborate costume to start the performance, with a frame around her head featuring pieces of art. That is removed to reveal her feather and tulle covered black costume. The final run through features fireball pyro towards the start, and fireworks at the end.

This is a lot to take in, but I certainly can’t rule this out for qualification. Could be a televote magnet.