Rehearsal Day 3 – Poland

An expected staging for Poland, as we see the stage full of neon lights. Rafał is dressed in all black, and the sunglasses are back for half of the performance. The staging is very similar to the music video, and the backing screens even feature clips from the music video. The dancers have neon lights that they dance with, and the choreography is strong. Towards the start of the song, he grabs the camera and shakes it, and throughout the performance there are bursts of fireworks.

On its own, the staging looks good, but it’s the song that is lacklustre. The first half the song fails to really grab your attention, and then in second half Rafał riffed off the studio version of the song and failed to hit the notes he was trying to achieve. It’s a serious attempt to try give the song a big more interest, and create a bigger final minute, but it’s still falling flat.

At this stage, I would feel confident to say that this is a non-qualifier.