Rehearsal Day 3 – Moldova

No ice creams, no candy, no cupcakes – Just Natalia and her backing dancers. It’s a relatively simple staging for Moldova, who are jumping onto the neon light train with pink lights on the backing screens. Natalia and her dancers are on a rotating diamond platform on the main stage, the same platform a few countries have used this year.

The choreography remains very similar to what we saw in the music video. It’s another case of, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. While they have lost the sugar cliches, I actually think they could have used some of the visual cues as it would have been a cheeky take on the song. Unfortunately for Moldova, so many countries have used the neon retro lights so it’s becoming diluted. While the choregraphy is good, Natalia fails to serve face during the performance. There’s no fierceness.

Natalia gives a strong vocal performance, although it is clear she is holding back to preserve her voice. She didn’t belt out that final note in either run through, but I am sure we will hear it in the jury and live shows.