Rehearsal Day 4 – Latvia

The queen of the night is coming! Samanta is bringing the fierceness on stage while in a long emerald green dress. She has three backing singers/dancers on stage with her, also wearing the same shade of green. The visors that they used in the performance of Still Breathing last year are back, but lord knows why.

The staging consists of very conflicting colours. The girls are in green, but the lights, both floor and backing feature a gold pattern, and then there’s pink and purple arena lights. I might be too picky when it comes to colours, but to me, it just doesn’t come across well on camera. Especially considering they put a lot of work into the dress, but it’s hard to actually see it.

The performance is very static, with the four girls on stage staying mostly on the same spot on stage. There is some light dancing in the song, but the choreography is certainly lacking. The vocals are good, but her voice remains divisive. I don’t know that this is bringing enough to qualify. Judging from this, Latvia is in danger.