Rehearsal Day 6 – The Netherlands

All I can say is WOW. The Netherlands is going into this year’s contest as one of the least talked about entries, but hopefully this stage performance will help fans and viewers alike get a better feel for the song. The track is uplifting, but features a serious message, and the message comes across incredibly well on stage. Jeangu is not alone on stage, featuring two backing singers, one of which is his brother. There is also a dancer, who uses interpretive dance in the best way possible to really share a message.

Jeangu has such smooth vocals, and he is really on his game today. Every note was like butter, and a joy to listen to, which surely juries will pick up on. Having such prominent backing singers also really gives the performance a nice, personal feel. The outfit choice seems fairly innocent in the opening moments of the song, with a bright blue jacket, however the outfit does have some unusual twists. It may not be the easiest to describe, but I’m sure the official photos will paint a better picture.

The Netherlands is certainly not in contention to win this year, but I think they deserve a decent result. I genuinely hope this doesn’t get overlooked in the final. I think a late running order is going to certainly help them, but I hope viewers really get behind this.