Beovizija to Return as Serbian selection for 2022

A representative from the Serbian broadcaster, RTS has confirmed that Serbia will participate at Eurovision in 2022. Furthermore, their entry will be selected with the national final format, Beovizija.

The national final format will be returning in 2022, with the song submission process to open in June and close in mid-November. The national selection itself is likely to be held in February, however more details will be released in the coming months.

Serbia has used a number of formats to select their Eurovision entrants, however settled on the Beovizija format back in 2018. The national selection was last held in 2020, with Hurricane selected with the song Hasta La Vista. Due to the cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest, Hurricane were internally selected to return for the 2021 contest. They performed the song Loco Loco, and you can watch the performance below: