EuroRevision Quiz: How well do you know Eurovision 1969?

How well do you know the history of Eurovision? In our EuroRevision series, we aim to put the spotlight back on the early years of Eurovision, journeying through until we reach the current contest.

Today our quiz revolves around the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest, so test your knowledge below!  Catch up on our EuroRevision post all about Eurovision 1969, here.

Which nations opened and closed in the running order of the show?
Yugoslavia, Finland
Luxembourg, Sweden
Italy, France
Which artist returned to Eurovision for their third appearance and for which country?
Kirsti Sparboe, Norway
Simone de Oliveira, Portugal
Louis Neefs, Belgium
How many points did the four winning nations equally achieve?
18 points
22 points
19 points
Who hosted Eurovision 1969?
Laurita Valenzuela
Augusto Algueró
Ramón Díez
Which of the following statements is true?
This edition marked the first time a nation had won two years in a row
This edition was the first to be broadcast in colour to all competing nations
This edition was originally meant to be held in Barcelona
How many competing entries were performed in French?
3 entries
4 entries
2 entries
France gave their highest number of points to which other winning nation?
The Netherlands
United Kingdom
Eurovision 1969 featured one less nation than the year prior – which nation withdrew from the contest?
There were five returning artists at the 1969 contest, but which finished in the highest position in the results?
Louis Neefs
Siw Malmkvist
What date was Eurovision 1969 held?
29th March
19th March
29th April