Montevizija National Final Dropped for Eurovision 2022

Montenegro recently announced their return to Eurovision, however the nation will not use their national final format Montevizija.

Due to financial pressures and the ongoing pandemic, Montenegro will not use the Montevizija national final format for Eurovision 2022. With that said, it is likely that the nation will return to an internal selection for the first time since 2017. The broadcaster will announce their plans in the coming weeks.

Speaking of the changes, Head of Entertainment at RTCG Ivan Maksimović said,

‘The first reason is related to the costs involved in organizing the competition, and it is a large amount that, for example, can be redirected to other projects. The second reason concerns the coronavirus pandemic. We do not know what will be and how it will be, so no we would like to get into a situation where we are exposed to several months of efforts in that environment and then the competition will be uncertain.’

Maksimović added that this applies to the upcoming edition of Eurovision, but doesn’t rule out Montevizija returning in future years.

Montenegro last participated back in 2019 with D Mol and their song, Heaven. They placed 16th in the semi-final. Rewatch the performance below: