Top 5 Junior Eurovision Entries of 2020!

In the lead up to the upcoming edition of Junior Eurovision, we are looking back on the previous editions of the contest to rediscover the songs we love!

For this Top 5, we are heading to Poland, the hosts of the 2020 edition of Junior Eurovision. A total of 12 participants took to the stage to perform their Junior Eurovision entries. We saw just one nation make their debut, and that was Germany. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, a number of nations withdrew from the contest. Despite that, it was another fantastic show. Now it’s time for our Top 5!

  1. Petar Aničić – Heartbeat (Serbia)

This was such a lovely entry from Serbia, and it was disappointing to see it finishing on the lower end of the results table. Petar has such a beautiful voice, and it was definitely one of the best vocals on the night. The mid-tempo tune probably isn’t a vote magnet, but nonetheless I enjoyed the performance and I am sure I’m not the only one. Despite a strong vocal, I don’t think the visual performance lived up to expectations. The outfit choice was interesting, to say the least, and with all the visual elements combined, it felt a bit disjointed. Despite that, I still enjoyed Serbia’s entry.

  1. Arina – Aliens (Belarus)

With the knowledge that we won’t be seeing Belarus at the contest for a while, we can say they went out with a bang. Belarus consistently delivered strong Junior Eurovision entries and this was another powerful offering. Aliens is certainly stronger than a number of recent Belarusian Eurovision entries. The choruses are incredibly powerful, and the bridge adds an interesting twist to the song. The stage show is simple, but it works well. The camera cuts to other children holding a prop Earth, which help showcase the meaning behind the song. As for the vocals, yes, they were suspiciously good. Belarus definitely fell in the category of live vocal suspicion, but we will give them the benefit of the doubt. Based on the song alone, this was Top 5 worthy.

  1. Soleá – Palante (Spain)

Spain once again went into the contest as a hot favourite, and they delivered another strong result. The slower opening could have been scrapped, as the real show begins as the beat picks up. By the first chorus, it seems that Soleá gains some confidence and the performance greatly benefits from that. The flamenco flair is great, and the choreography is a joy to watch. Soleá does a great job at keeping up with the demanding choreography while maintaining the vocals. This is a fun entry from Spain, and I can see how it finished in the Top 3.

2. Oleksandr Balabanov – Vidkryvai (Ukraine)

Ukraine was underrated. This is such a unique song, especially in the context of Junior Eurovision. In terms of the voting scope, it definitely seems more targeted at an older audience. I think perhaps the other downfall is that this is the type of song that takes a few listens to really grow. That was certainly the effect it had on me, but when it clicked, it really clicked. Oleksandr delivered a different vocal at Junior Eurovision than in previous versions of the song, but that lower range through the second verse works well. I enjoyed the light prop he held during the performance, but thought the backing screens could have helped share the message of the song. Overall, I really find this charming.

  1. Valentina – J’imagine (France)

Based on their previous entries, it felt inevitable that France would win the contest, and here we are! Not all Junior Eurovision songs are able to appeal to both younger and older audiences, but I think this song finds the balance. The melodies of the verses and pre-choruses are the highlight for me, and there’s no denying that J’imagine has an incredibly catchy chorus. The presentation of the song was bursting with colour, and the animations helped create an interesting and dynamic visual show. As for the vocals, there was some controversy as to whether it was playback, and it’s clear that backing vocals played a big role. It does seem suspiciously perfect, but we have to trust that the EBU did its job properly in monitoring the performance. Nonetheless, this is an incredible song that certainly deserved to win. One of the best winners, in my opinion!