Eurovision Union’s Top 100 Hits: 100 – 91

Are you in need of a playlist refresh? We picked 100 of our favourite songs from Eurovision and National Final stars, and today we begin counting down! To broaden the playlist inspiration, we have picked just one song from each of the selected artists. We also chose songs which weren’t related to their Eurovision or National Final participations. In today’s instalment, you will be introduced to songs 100 through 91, so let’s get into it!

  1. Izabo – On My Way

Eurovision Connection: Izabo represented Israel at Eurovision back in 2012 with the song ‘Time’. The group unfortunately did not make it into the final.

And this song? This track has a very tropical vibe, but around the bridge, there is more of a cultural beat. The super catchy melodies make this a true earworm.

  1. Inculto – Close to Midnight

Eurovision Connection: Inculto represented Lithuania at Eurovision 2010, however finished in 12th place in the semi-final. Their performance featured the memorable costume reveal of the sparkly underwear!

And this song? Inculto’s final album, ‘Closer Than You Think’ is full of incredibly funky tracks, such as this one. Thanks to the title, this is a track that I’m always reminded of on New Years Eve, and it’s definitely an upbeat party tune!

  1. Gaia Cauchi – Message

Eurovision Connction: Gaia Cauchi won Junior Eurovision back in 2013, representing Malta with the song ‘The Start’

And this song? While Gaia is all grown up now, her vocal tone remains. Her voice really suits this emotional style of song, as she can really flex that vocal talent!

  1. Adrijana – Brr Brr

Eurovision Connection: Adrijana competed in the Swedish national final, Melodifestivalen back in 2017 with the song ‘Amare’ however did not reach the final

And this song? This track has a super catchy beat, leaning less towards the pop genre in comparison to some of her other songs. This is an underrated gem.

  1. Barei – I Don’t Need To Be You

Eurovision Connection: Barei represented Spain at Eurovision back in 2016 with the song ‘Say Yay!’ which finished in 22nd place in the final

And this song? This track is not just catchy, but has lyrical substance to match. This is no cliché love song, but rather a strong anti-bullying anthem.

  1. Axel Schylström – Tagen på sängen

Eurovision Connection: Axel participated in Melodifestivalen back in 2017 with the catchy Swedish language song ‘När ingen ser’. He qualified to Andra Chansen, however did not advance to the final

And this song? This is another absolute banger. The catchy pop beat is as strong as the one in his Melodifestivalen song, and he brings great energy to the track. A real radio-friendly tune.

  1. Tooji – Rebels

Eurovision Connection: Tooji represented Norway at Eurovision back in 2012, where he performed the song ‘Stay’. He advanced to the final, however finished in last place.

And this song? Tooji released a number of catchy tracks after Eurovision, but this song was one of the highlights. This dance-pop style of track works incredibly well with his voice, and it’s the perfect addition to a party playlist.

  1. Francesco Gabbani – Tra le granite e le granate

Eurovision Connection: Francesco Gabbani was one of the hot favourites to win Eurovision in 2017 with his song ‘Occidentali’s Karma’ however overall finished in 6th place

And this song? This is a great summer track with an uplifting beat and catchy chorus. It’s hard to resist Francesco’s energy, and his raspy vocal tone!

  1. Inga and Anush – Menq enq mer sarere

Eurovision Connection: Inga and Anush represented Armenia at Eurovision back in 2009 with the song ‘Jan Jan’, and Inga returned in 2015 as part of the group Genealogy. Both acts reached the final, with the sisters reaching 10th place, and Genealogy reaching 16th place

And this song? The sisters are known for their contemporary interpretation of Armenian folk music, and this is no exception. If you liked the ethnic style of song they presented at Eurovision, this should also be right down your alley.

  1. RIKI – Se Parlassero di noi

Eurovision Connection: Riki competed at the Italian song festival, Sanremo, which is used to select the Italian Eurovision representative. He made his Sanremo debut in 2020 with the song ‘Lo sappiamo entrambi’

And this song? This was released prior to his Sanremo debut, and was the song that got us excited about his debut. His vocals really get to shine in this emotional track, especially throughout the choruses and bridge.

Stay tuned for the next instalment, where we will reveal songs 90 to 81!