Eurovision Union’s Top 100 Hits: 80 – 71

Are you in need of a playlist refresh? We picked 100 of our favourite songs from Eurovision and National Final stars, and today we continue the countdown! To broaden the playlist inspiration, we picked just one song from each of the selected artists. We also chose songs which weren’t related to their Eurovision or National Final participations. In today’s instalment, you will be introduced to songs 80 through 71, so let’s get into it!

  1. LIAMOO – It Ain’t Easy

Eurovision Connection: LIAMOO participated at Melodifestivalen on two occasions. The first was in 2018 with the song ‘Last Breath’ which finished 6th in the final. He returned in 2019 alongside Hanna Ferm with the song ‘Hold You’ and finished 3rd.

And this song? LIAMOO brings the perfect mix of pop, R&B and soul in this track. The rap bridge adds a seamless extra dimension to the track.

  1. Margaret – What You Do

Eurovision Connection: Margaret catapulted into the Eurovision spotlight after participating at the Polish national selection in 2016 with ‘Cool Me Down’. The fan favourite then competed in the Swedish selection Melodifestivalen on two occasions. In 2018 she performed ‘In My Cabana’ and in 2019 she performed ‘Tempo’.

And this song? This is one of Margaret’s earlier songs, but still remains as one of our favourites. Her voice is a stand out in this catchy pop track.

  1. Manel Navarro – Keep on Falling

Eurovision Connection: Manel represented Spain at Eurovision in 2017 with the song ‘Do It For Your Lover’. The song finished in 26th place in the final.

And this song? If you weren’t a fan of his Eurovision entry, we implore you to listen to this with an open mind. This track was released not long after Eurovision, but we wish it was his Eurovision entry. This stripped back, acoustic and emotional track is a gem.

  1. Samir Badran – Vet att du vill ha mig

Eurovision Connection: Samir Badran is one half of the iconic duo, Samir & Viktor. The duo competed in Melodifestivalen in 2015 with the song ‘Groupie’. They returned in 2016 with the song ‘Bada Nakna’.

And this song? This is miles away from the more comical music we saw the duo perform at Melodifestivalen. Catchy beats and melodies combine in this Swedish language song.

  1. Cleo – Sztorm

Eurovision Connection: Cleo participated at Eurovision back in 2014 with producer Donatan. They performed My Słowianie at Eurovision, finishing in 14th place overall.

And this song? As much as we enjoy the upbeat songs from Cleo, Sztorm is on another level. This moody ballad features a powerful and memorable vocal.

  1. Blanche – Wrong Turn

Eurovision Connection: Blanche represented Belgium at Eurovision back in 2017. She performed ‘City Lights’ which finished in fourth place.

And this song? This features the signature Blanche vocals and minimal backing instrumentation. This track is more upbeat than City Lights, but it still captures her style well.

  1. Aleksander Walmann ft. Agnes Stock – 5 Minutter

Eurovision Connection: Aleksander represented Norway at Eurovision in 2017 alongside JOWST. The duo competed with ‘Grab The Moment.’ Aleksander returned to the national selection in 2018 with the song ‘Talk To The Hand’ however did not advance to Eurovision.

And this song? This is a complete 180 from both of his Melodi Grand Prix entries. This tender track has such a delicate backing track, and stunning vocals from both Aleksander and Agnes. An absolutely beautiful track.

  1. Molly Hammar – Blossom

Eurovision Connection: Molly participated at Melodifestivalen on two occasions. Her debut was in 2015 with the song ‘I’ll Be Fine’. She returned in 2016 with the song ‘Hunger’. While she herself hasn’t competed at Eurovision as a lead singer, she did write ‘Walk on Water’, the Maltese entry of 2016. She was also a backing singer for Ira at the contest.

And this song? There’s no denying it, this is a sensual song. Molly has such a soulful voice, and it pairs well with this contemporary beat. And the lyrics…. Is it getting hot in here?

  1. MFÖ – Mazeretim Var Asabiyim Ben

Eurovision Connection: MFÖ represented Turkey at Eurovision on two occasions. The first appearance was in 1985 with the song ‘Didai Didai Dai’. They returned in 1988 with the song ‘Sufi’. The entries finished in 14th and 15th respectively.

And this song? This is an old school track, but the super catchy melodies and traditional ethnic instrumentation can still be appreciated. As a fan of Turkish music, this really hits the spot.

  1. Raphael Gualazzi – Don’t Call My Name

Eurovision Connection: Raphael Gualazzi represented Italy at Eurovision in 2011. This was their returning year to Eurovision, and the nation finished in 2nd place. He performed ‘Madness of Love’ at the contest.

And this song? This is certainly an underrated gem. As with all his tracks, the piano is front and centre. His vocals also really shine in this track, especially in the jazzy bridge. Easily the highlight of this song!

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