Kazakhstan: Revamped ‘Fairy World’ Released

The revamped Kazakh entry ‘Fairy World’ is now out. The song features both Alinur and Beknur who tied in the National Selection for first place. The jury decided that both would represent Kazakhstan at Junior Eurovision this year.

The revamped version of ‘Ertegı älemı (Fairy World)’ is now available with the song now a duet between Alinur Khamzin and Beknur Zhanibekuly. The song, which was originally performed by Alinur in the national selection underwent a revamp to include Beknur. Alinur performs the verses and choruses, and the song now features a French language rap by Beknur. Nurbolat Qanay wrote the music and Kazakh lyrics, and Gabriel Boileau Cloutier wrote the French lyrics.

Watch the music video below:

The duo individually competed in the national selection, however tied in first place. The jury held the final decision for the tie break, however could not decide who would represent Kazakhstan at Junior Eurovision. Ultimately, they decided to send both artists to the competition.