Festival da Canção: Composers Split Over Two Semi-Finals

Portuguese broadcaster RTP announced the split of composers over the two semi-finals of Festival da Canção 2022.

A total of 20 composers will compete in the selection. It is up to the composers whether they perform their songs, or whether they select another artist to interpret their songs. More details on the competing artists will come in the coming weeks.

The competition will take place in March, with two semi-finals and a final. The Grand Final will feature 10 artists, and the winner is selected through a mix of 50% televote and 50% jury.

Semi-Final One – March 5
  • Aurea
  • Fado Bicha
  • FF
  • Joana Espadinha
  • Kumpania Algazarra
  • Maro
  • Norton
  • The Mister Driver (public submission)
  • Tiago Nogueira (Os Quatro e Meia) (public submission)
  • Valas
Semi-Final Two – March 12
  • Agir
  • Blacci
  • Cubita
  • DJ Marfox
  • Fábia Rebordão
  • Os Azeitonas
  • Pedro Marques (public submission)
  • Pepperoni Passion (public submission)
  • PZ
  • Syro