🇭🇷 Mia Dimšić will sing ‘Guilty Pleasure’ for Croatia

The Croatian national selection is complete, with Mia Dimšić chosen to fly the Croatian flag at Eurovision this year.

A total of 14 acts competed in this year’s edition of Dora. The voting consisted of a mix of jury and public vote.

Here are the competing acts:

The jury allocated top points to Mia Dimšić. She received a total of 91 points from the jury, followed by Mia Negovetić with 81 points. Marko Bošnjak received a total of 71 points form the jury.

The public vote revealed a clear winner. Mia Dimšić received 166 points from the public vote, followed by Marko Bošnjak with 108 points. Mia Negovetić finished in third with the public vote, receiving a total of 60 points.

With the points combined, it was clear that Mia Dimšić would fly the Croatian flag in Turin this year. Mia Dimšić finished the competition with a total of 257 points.

Watch the performance below: