#EvOturmasi – Can Bonomo Up Close and Personal

Turkey’s most recent participant, Can Bonomo will be holding an online concert tonight (Sunday 1st of March). For those new to these online events, Can Bonomo live streams his concerts – some of which are at clubs, and some which are in the homes of his family and friends. During the concert, he performs a number of his songs from his now three albums, and in between songs, he and his band mates’ scroll through facebook and twitter, read posts and tweets, and even call fans! You can connect with Can Bonomo by using the hashtag #EvOturmasi.

To watch the live stream, head to www.izlesene.com/rocconnect at 8:30pm UTC +2, it’s as simple as that!

can bonomo

Here is his latest video, to get you in the mood! You can watch Tastamam below: