Voltaj to represent Romania!

Over the weekend, the Romanian final was held to decide which artist and song would represent the nation in the anniversary edition of Eurovision. The show was held in Craiova, in the south of the country, and it was hosted by Alina Serban and Andrei Borosovici. There were 12 performances, and the voting was 50/50 televote and jury vote.

The acts which competed are listed below:

  1. VoltajDe la capăt

  2. Băieţii – Dragoste în lanţuri

  3. Tudor Turcu – Save Us

  4. Aurelian Temişan feat. Alexa – Chica Latina

  5. Rodica Aculova – My Light

  6. Blue Noise – Love Won’t Run Away

  7. Ovidiu Anton – Still Alive (Third Place)

  8. Lara Lee – Superman

  9. Super Trooper – Secret Place

  10. Luminiţa Anghel – A Million Stars (Second Place)

  11. Cristina Vasiu – Nowhere

  12. CEJ – We Were In Love

The winner, Voltaj, scored the highest points with the jury and public vote, therefore meaning that the popular Romanian band will be taking their song De la capăt to Vienna in May. The band hope to get their message out, that children should never be alone.

Listen to the song here: