2015 Reviews – Serbia – Bojana Stamenov – Beauty Never Lies

Thinking about this review, I couldn’t help but think about the Serbian national final. I remember watching, and they finished the three songs in record time, and then there was me, thinking they would recap the songs but the recap was just another repeat of their performance! Silly me! Nevertheless, I believe that one of the better songs was chosen – the other one I would have been happy with was the other female singer on the night, forgive me for forgetting her name….

Straight out, I’ll say that they shouldn’t have redone the song in English. For me, it’s lost some of its charm, a similar feeling to F.Y.R Macedonia. I can see why there was the change, considering their result in 2013. I’ll have to review the English version though… I do enjoy the song but it doesn’t wow me. She has the diva appeal, and she’s certainly a good vocalist. I’m really unsure how this will go in the semi-final, it really could go either way.

I have the feeling that Serbia might go quite over the top with their performance on stage, which scares me. I hope they have some restraint otherwise it will end up in the same position as Moje 3. Taking that all into consideration, I’m going to give this song a 5/10.

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