2015 Reviews – Czech Republic – Marta & Vaclav – Hope Never Dies

I love it when a country returns to Eurovision, the more the merrier, I say! Now Czech Republic aren’t exactly the most successful of all the countries, but this year, I really do feel as if they’ve tried to send something legitimate. Despite their efforts, I’m not hugely impressed (sorry, CZ)

The song itself is so…. Average. I can’t really think of a word to describe it. I don’t think it builds well, and their voices seem to work together well, but separately they’re really nothing special. We’ve heard them sing together live, and there’s nothing terrible vocally, but it’s just so average. Even the backing music just lacks something. I feel bad, because I know this is a legitimate attempt.

I think the staging could really help them, but if the staging is plain like their song, I can’t see it qualifying into the final. I genuinely enjoyed Kabat in 2007 a lot more than this year’s entry, and Kabat really wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea!

Taking it all into mind, I’m going to be brutal (Again, sorry CZ) and give it a 3/10, and I’d be quite surprised if it qualified.

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