2015 Reviews – Lithuania – Vaidas Baumila & Monika Linkyte – This Time

Lithuania actually did something promising this year. It’s almost inconceivable to think that Lithuania has actually made a proper effort to actually match the song with the artist/s. I remember hearing ‘This Time’ sung by Vaidas alone, and as much as I wanted him to win, it wasn’t as impressive as many of his other performances, so I was slightly concerned. When I heard Vaidas sing alongside Monika, I really hoped that the duo would sing together. The chemistry between the two is so cheesy but so good for the Eurovision stage, and the ‘kiss’ in the middle of the song is enough to make you cringe, but yet every straight girl and gay guy will be jealous of Monika in that exact moment.

The song is so bubbly and so fun, so up against a bunch of slower ballads, this will stand out, so at least they have that in their favour. Their vocals together are surprisingly good, and even though the song alone is pretty average, they bring it to life with their enthusiasm.

Their stage performance is sure to be fun and energetic, which is what the song demands. Unless there’s some weird use of props, I can’t see too much going wrong with the performance. They have the energy to make it to the final, and even end up in the top half on the Saturday night. I’ve heard mostly good things about the song from fellow Eurovision lovers, which is promising.

Over all, I’m just happy that Vaidas had the chance to participate. I’m still bitter that he didn’t sing in Copenhagen last year (and you can read more about that here). What’s done is done, and now we can look to the future – and I think it’s promising for Lithuania. As such I’m going to give their song a 7.5/10. Good Luck!

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