2015 JESC Review – Serbia – Lena Stamenkovic – Lenina Pesma

Since their debut in Junior Eurovision, Serbia has yet to win the title. This year, the country has sent a big voice in a little package. The talented Lena Stamenkovic was internally selected by the nation’s broadcaster, and then later on, they revealed the song Lenina Pesma.

The song is a slow burn, similar to the songs Serbia sends in regular Eurovision. I think this is similar to Slovenia’s JESC also, in the sense that it’s a slow song sung by a strong female voice. Out of the two though, I think I prefer this one over Slovenia, however only slightly. I really enjoy the backing music, and the overall moodiness of the song. Her voice is beyond her years, and I don’t think we will be let down on the night. The only problem she might have is that the song might be too slow of a burn, but the end doesn’t disappoint at all.

On the night I can see Lena being surrounded by some backing singers, and I expect a classy staging to suit the song. I actually think the real battle will be between Slovenia and Serbia, and I’m interested in seeing which of the songs gets a higher result.

Overall, I really enjoy this song, and I hope it gets rewarded on the night with the results it deserves. I’m going to give this an 8/10.