2015 JESC Reviews – Netherlands – Shalisa – Million Lights

The Netherlands is one of only two countries who have consistently sent an entry since Junior Eurovision was established in 2003, and since their debut over 10 years ago, they have had one win in 2009, and a second place in 2011. This year, they are sending Shalisa with the song Million Lights, sung in both Dutch and English – a tradition of late for the Netherlands.

This song is a nice pop ballad which really peaks during the choruses which just blast at you, in the nicest way possible. The transitions between English and Dutch are really nice, which can sometimes be a problem with songs that use more than one language. I think this song comfortably stands against songs such as Slovenia’s song or even Australia’s song.

The only thing I’m not a huge fan of is the staging, where they use the backing screens to show the two dancers. I like the idea of the dancers, but it just seems a bit flat, and I think the backing screens would have been better utilised by showing literally a million lights, or at least something to compliment her voice and the song.

This was a slow burn song for me, but now, I really enjoy it. I am going to give it a 7/10, as like I said, it compares to Slovenia or Australia in my eyes. Hopefully it doesn’t get lost between these two songs, as the three, plus Italy, are all wedged together in the first half of the show.