2016 Reviews – UK – Joe & Jake – You’re Not Alone

This year, the BBC seemingly took Eurovision a bit more seriously, and offer the public an actual choice in the act they want to send to Eurovision. The result was that this boy-duo of Joe and Jake would take their song titled You’re Not Alone to Eurovision. Is this going to be alone at the bottom of the table?

I hope not. This song is not terrible, nor is it fantastic, but it’s just a non-offensive pop song which for the sake of the UK deserves to get a decent result. I think the verses, especially the first one, are really good at maintaining interest in the song, and their voices blend well together. The chorus is a bit so-so, but catchy nonetheless.

I don’t think this has much chance of winning, but depending on their performance on the night, I think it can manage somewhere in the middle of the table. Judging by comments on the official video, people seem to be behind this song (even SOME people from the UK like their own song, it’s a miracle!). I think the fact that the public actually got to choose bode well, even though the BBC could have done a better job at promoting the whole process.

I think the staging set up they had for ‘Eurovision: You Decide’ was good for their song. A simple band set up, with the focus on the music is the way to go. I can’t really imagine a song like this using stupid props, or even dancers. It just doesn’t seem right – but we’ll see what the BBC manage to do in May.

*Update – I just can’t help myself – this needs more than a 6.5 (my original score) – the live performances are making me love this song more than just a 6.5, so up we go!

I’ll give it a 7.5/10.

Guest Reviewer: Zoë

So this year, the UK finally went back to the national selection process after 5 years of absence, and it did not disappoint. The eventual winners, Joe and Jake, showcased their upbeat pop song ‘You’re Not Alone’ on the evening, and won the British public over, but will they win the European (and Australian) audience over in Stockholm? My first thoughts on the song were that it was very charming, although not very Eurovision. Songs like that typically get lost in the group, and end up near the bottom. However, it’s coming from the UK, the once very powerful nation at Eurovision, who in recent years have lost their credibility, so this song is redemption, so may just win over the audience. The energy of the song will definitely stand out from all the ‘downbeat’ songs this year, and if their staging is much better than the UK final, then a top 15 finish is within their grasp. They just need to take it. Hopefully in Sweden the UK gets some seriously overdue points, and an amazing finishing place, although there are some other amazing songs, so who knows what will happen on May 14th.

Score: 6.5/10

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