Justs Releases New Song Titled ‘Ko Tu Dari?’

Not long after performing at Eurovision with the song Heartbeat, Justs is back with a new song called Ko Tu Dari? (Latvian for What Are You Doing?). The accompanying video clip has also been released.

Justs has written this song himself along with the lyricist Dominiks Jarmakovičs. The song has a summery feel to it, and mixes Justs very raw voice with simple backing music, similar to what we heard on the Eurovision stage, but yet still diverse from his entry, Heartbeat.

Justs himself explained that the song is both a happy and sad one, and it’s about two people’s relationship and the question, ‘what are you doing to me?’ He continues on to say that the song is ‘a summer story about love and friendship, being young and reckless’

The video, which you can watch below was directed by Andzej Gavriss. The video was shot over two days and nights across different locations across Latvia. The music video was produced by Julia Fricsone-Gavriss. The aim of the video was to evoke memories of the views and their own summer stories and adventures, says the director.

You can watch the video here: