Softengine Slays on New Song ‘Free Rider’

Since 2014, the young Finnish boy band has been killing the music game. The band only formed a year earlier, and after hard work developing their sound, they won the opportunity to represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014. The band ended up in a very respectable 11th place in the final, but it’s what Softengine did after Eurovision which is really blowing our minds…

Not long after the contest, the band released their next single after their Eurovision track ‘Something Better.’ The song ‘Yellow House’ incorporated that same mix of alternative rock with electro elements, and was a sign of things to come for the band. Later in 2014, Softengine, although now one member down, released their debut album titled ‘We Created the World.’ The album featured 11 tracks including Something Better, Yellow House and their single at the time, ‘The Sirens.’ After the album released, the band then released ‘What If I?’ as their next single.

After listening to We Created the World many times, we didn’t think it could get any better. Oh, but it has…

The band has now released 3 new singles within the last year, all of which could end up as part of a new album. ‘All About You & I’ and ‘Big Fat Bass Drums’ both offer yet another interesting mix of rock with intriguing synthesised sounds, all brought together by Topi’s bold vocals. Both these tracks, along with 3 other songs featured on an EP released late 2015, titled From Earth, From Ashes, From Dust.

The latest single from Softengine is titled Free Rider, and is yet another reminder why we love this band. The single is edgy and fresh, and most importantly, extremely catchy. As all of their previous songs, the melodies are earworms, and Topi’s grungy tone and vocal range contrast the electronic elements of the song.

Overall, this is a must listen. Softengine offer songs which are accessible even for those who aren’t always into rock, which is something we love about their music. Listen to Free Rider down below: