Spain National Final: 30 acts revealed!

Earlier in the week we reported that Spain would be using the national final format to select their Eurovision act for 2017. Now, the first cull of songs has been completed for the online component of the competition, and we are now left with 30 candidates which will then be reduced to 10, and then down again to 3.

The songs are diverse in styles, ranging from alternative to reggae, and of course pop music. As we mentioned in the previous article, former national final participant Brequette is returning to the contest, and there are also submissions from other familiar faces, such as Javi Soleil from the group D’NASH who represented Spain in 2007. To read more about Brequette’s entry, click here.

Here is the top 30, and keep reading to find out how you can official vote for your favourites!

  • Alicia Nurho Band – Under the Light

  • Ander y Rossi – Ahora soy yo

  • Brequette – No enemy

  • Carmel – Waiting for a better end

  • Dani J – Sin ti

  • Detergente líquido – 131bpm

  • E-Twins – La chica del vestido rojo

  • Ektor Pan – Perfect storm

  • Fruela – Live it up

  • Gio – Vuelve a mí

  • Íñigo – Hoy es por mí

  • Iranzo Iranzinix – Bye te digo

  • Ivet Vidal – Do you want me

  • Javi Soleil – Alas mojadas

  • Javián – No somos heroes

  • Jon Josdi – Dónde estabas tú

  • Leklein – Ouch!!

  • Lem Baquero – Hard to love you

  • Milena Brody – Momento

  • Nicky Triphook – Daddy’s little girl

  • Nieves Hidalgo – Esclava

  • Nito – Luna

  • Padre Damián – Thounsands suns

  • Paradise Phantoms – Madrifornia

  • Pedro Elipe – Del dolor

  • Rebeca Moss – Volver por ti

  • Romy Low – In love

  • Shannel – Bailando

  • Stvrky feat. The silence of wolves – Sparkling Lights

  • Wildback – Noches de verano

The voting to select the top 10 is open now, and will close on the 12th of December. The top 10 will be the songs with the most votes, and from there, a professional jury will select 3 acts who will then have to present their songs in a program to be streamed in January through the RTVE website. The public will again be able to choose their favourite, who will then be the public choice entry into the national final of Objetivo Eurovisión.

If you want to listen to all 30 entries and have your say in who gets selected for Spain, visit the RTVE website linked here and vote!