Moldova: 14 Acts Continue to Semi-Finals

Only days ago, we reported on the 40 acts that were submitted for the Moldovan national final for 2017. Out of those 40 songs, 14 have made it through to the next round after live auditions took place. Although 40 acts were due to be performed at the auditions, the number was reduced to 38 after Maxim Zavidia withdrew after a misunderstanding with the songwriters, and additionally Shakya failed to appear at the auditions.

This year there will only be one semi-final, which all 14 acts will participate in, with only eight spots available in the final. The two shows will happen over two consecutive days, the 24th and 25th of February.

Here are the 14 semi-finalists, with each act linked to their audition performance:

Although this news is still quite fresh out of Moldova, it was still enough time for drama to brew. It was actually revealed that the song Mama sung by Cobîlea Constantin had been performed the 1st of September deadline by a different singer. News is yet to come out of the Moldovan broadcaster, however as it breaks the rules, we are likely to see another song replace it – however, until this news is confirmed, we’re sticking with the list the Moldovan Broadcaster has published.

*Update* Constantin has now been disqualified and replaced. 

Which act is your favourite to win the Moldovan national final?