National Final Throwback: Kállay Saunders Band – Who We Are

Kállay Saunders produced one of Hungary’s best Eurovision results in 2014 with the song Running, which I enjoyed that year, and in 2016, he returned the national final as part of his newly formed band called Kállay Saunders Band. The song we’re looking at today as our National Final throwback is indeed Who We Are, which was the song entered into 2016 A Dal. As many would know, he entered again this year with the song 17, which he also qualified into the A Dal final with. Where does Who We Are sit among his previous (and future) entries, and as a song in general?

Well, I had a late introduction to this song, in fact, months after A Dal took place, but better late than never, because this is one of my favourite 2016 national final songs. The song feels 3 dimensional, and just has a better overall sound to it than 17 did in this year’s national final. This is the exact style of song Kállay Saunders needs to be singing – it’s edgy, it’s modern and it’s powerful.

This is a song that I really could have seen at Eurovision doing well. Kállay Saunders on his own did well with Running, and I think this song is better than Running. Freddie did qualify to the final in 2016, and I do think he was a bit ripped off in the final results, but saying that, I think Kállay Saunders Band may have received a higher vote. There were a few rock entries in 2016, and for the most part, I enjoyed all of them, and this would have been another welcome entry to 2016.

In the context of his three Eurovision/National Final entries, Who We Are is easily at the top, and easily one of the best songs in the 2016 national final season. With that said, I can easily give this a 10/10.

Artist Profile:

Year: 2016

Artist: Kállay Saunders Band

Country: Hungary

Song: Who We Are