Croatia Premieres Jacques Houdek’s Eurovision Entry!

Only a few weeks back, we learnt that Jacques Houdek would be representing Croatia at this year’s Eurovision in Kyiv. Eurovision fans then learnt that the song that he would be singing is called My Friend, and at the time of this announcement, it was also announced that an online campaign would run in parallel with his Eurovision campaign. The digital campaign as called #beMyfriend, and Jacques encouraged fans to send and tag him in pictures which demonstrates friendships people have and the importance of those friendships. There’s been a big response to the campaign thus far, with one fan even getting a tattoo of the campaign hashtag!

The song My Friend was debuted today on Croatian Radio, and was released on the official Eurovision YouTube channel. On the eve of the song release, Jacques commented, saying, ‘”It’s hard for me to describe how excited I am for the premiere of the song My Friend. I have been living for this for the past ten months, all of my artistic capabilities have been directed towards writing this song and I can barely wait for listeners to let it into their hearts. Music is what I am, it’s my calling, my essence but that purest of emotions multiplies when you share it, and I’m happiest when it becomes ours – when I feel that the song has become a connection between the audience and myself. I would like to thank everyone for their wonderful reactions to the instrumental version of the song so far, as well as for their response to the #beMyfriend campaign. I believe that the audience will recognise the message of the song and accept it as their own, and that it will take a special place in the hearts of listeners’

Now that the song is released, the Croatian representative for 2017 has told of his joy now that the song he has been working on for months is now available for fans to listen to and enjoy. ‘May this song be a guiding star for everyone, a song that will bring us together, spread friendship and love, celebrate diversity, give us support in tough times, but also be a song that celebrates every new day, because every new day truly is a miracle,’ he added.

Listen to the song below, and if you’re loving the Croatian entry, make sure to vote in our poll!