Top 5 Non-Qualifiers of 2015!

We’ve all experienced that nerve-wracking feeling of not knowing whether your, or your favourite country will qualify, and sometimes, it’s just not meant to be and our favourites get stuck in the semi-final. This doesn’t mean they’re bad songs, it’s just the brutal maths that means we can only take 10 into the final! Today we’re rewinding back to 2015 to discuss our Top 5 non-qualifiers!

5. Maria Olafs – Unbroken

The studio version of this song was impressive, so when it came to Eurovision, a lot of us Eurovision fans just expected Iceland to cruise into the final. It certainly didn’t pan out like that. The live performance didn’t capture the magic of the song, and it was clear to see nerves came into it. The first verse was too low for her, and mixed with nerves, it didn’t give her the best start. The song also got a bit repetitive by the end of it, and I can see why it lost the interest of the voters. The stage show in terms of the backing screens and illuminations on the floor were really nice, and that ended up being the best part of the performance. Despite that, it’s still made it into the Top 5!

4. Amber –Warrior

It was a battle of the Warriors in 2015, with Georgia also sending a song of the same name. Of course, both could have qualified, but as it turns out, Georgia won the battle of the Warriors. Overall, this wasn’t my favourite song of 2015, but I can totally see why some fans were disappointed to not see it in the final. Amber has a powerful voice which really brought this song to life. The stage performance perhaps could have been thought out a bit better, as I found at times Amber looked quite small on such a big stage, even a change in camera angles could have resolved that. To Malta’s credit, they were just short of missing the final. They finished in 11th place in the semi-final, only 10 points less than the 10th place qualifier.

3. Uzari & Maimuna – Time

This was another country I was sure would qualify to the final but just missed out, coming 12th in the semi-final. I feel like in the first semi-final of 2015 there was a bit of wriggle room, and there wasn’t a set 10 qualifiers that we all expected, as such, it was anyone’s game. It’s a shame, because Uzari’s vocal performance was confident from start to end, and who can dislike a violin solo! The song itself was powerful and energetic, not to mention catchy. I really enjoyed the stage performance as well, right from the start, where there’s just one single spotlight on Uzari, transitioning to seeing the heartbeat graphics in the background which was one of the most aesthetically appealing moments of the performance. Well, I suppose time was like thunder, and Europe’s voters waited a little too long.

2. Anti Social Media – The Way You Are

This was one of my favourite songs overall in the 2015 contest, and for some reason, no one seemed to agree with me. The boys from Denmark produced such a catchy, cute song that I loved as soon as it was picked in the national final, and was so confused when it wasn’t getting very rave reviews! On stage, it looked like the guys were having such a great time on stage, and seeing that energy is infectious. I loved the simple stage performance, and think it tied in well with the old time feel of the song. I still love this so much, and it brings a smile to my face every time I hear it!

1. Molly Sterling – Playing With Numbers

This was an easy choice to put as my number one. Ireland managed to pick an incredibly stunning song which was totally unappreciated at Eurovision. Molly has an incredible tone which gives this song so much emotion throughout the three minutes. I suppose its downfall was that it wasn’t very Eurovision, but regardless, it was just a really good song. It built well over the performance, and their stage performance felt very organic and homely. Out of the slower entries, this for me far exceeds the entries from Poland, Cyprus and Azerbaijan, yet all qualified to the final leaving this masterpiece behind. It was a total shame to not see this in the final, but that’s how the Eurovision cookie crumbles!

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