Top 5 Non-Qualifiers of 2013!

There were some great songs in 2013, and as we’ve learnt over the last few weeks through our Top 5 Non-Qualifiers series, not all the great songs make it through to the final. Some seriously great songs were left behind, and it was tough to pick just 5, but we’ve managed to pick our very favourites.

5. Klapa s Mora – Mižerja

Croatia took the cultural route to Eurovision 2013, and searched through klapa groups in Croatia to form a ‘super klapa’ ensemble. The result was pretty impressive, with 6 voices all varying in style and range to create a very cohesive sound.  Sure, the song was a bit dated, but the vocal performance made up for that, add in the traditional outfits and it made for a very special performance. The stage performance was ok, but a bit static, with only the two lead singers moving naturally on stage. During the part of the song that was just instrumentation, having the group just stand on stage still was just too much of nothing. I remember not being in love with this song during the lead up to the contest, but it grew on me a lot post contest, and that’s why I can’t help but feature this in my Top 5.

4. Moje 3 – Ljubav Je Svuda

In terms of song alone, Serbia sent one of my favourite entries of 2013 in Ljubav je Svuda. It’s a powerful pop entry with impressive vocals, plus it’s in national language – all the things that make a good Eurovision song. I really think Serbia would have been in the final if they had just changed their staging and costumes. The angel/devil costumes in the national final weren’t that great either, but they at least gave a visual reference to what the song is about, whereas their Eurovision costumes, although quite cutesy, were just random. It was the only thing holding back this song, which I think is a massive shame considering it was a strong entry from Serbia

3. Valentina Monetta – Crisalide (Vola)

After the car crash that was the Social Network Song the year previous, Valentina Monetta returned to the contest for the second time (and now of course we know she’ll be back for her 4th performance this year). The song Crisalide was worlds away from her entry the year before – Crisalide is a classy entry sung perfectly and staged incredibly. The song grows as a power ballad then surprises you at the end with a welcome change to an up-tempo pop beat accompanied by a costume reveal. Out of her entries, including her 2017 entry, this probably still remains the favourite, even though in 2014 she did managed to give San Marino their first ever appearance at the final with the song Maybe. It’s almost criminal that this song didn’t qualify!

2. Who See – Igranka

As a pre-contest favourite, it was surely the year that Montenegro conquer the Eurovision Grand Final for the first time since their debut as an independent nation. There have been a bunch of songs to feature rap at Eurovision, and they’re not often successful, but this song incorporated rap with a catchy dubstep beat, and featuring Nina to sing the chorus parts was genius. Her voice is incredibly strong, and it breaks up the song nicely. The staging was a bit left field but I actually really enjoyed it, even down to the green and yellow theme on stage. I really think this should have qualified, one of Montenegro’s best.

1. Moran Mazor – Rak Bishvilo

This song would have to be one of my all-time favourites, and that’s why it was so sad to see this stuck in the semi-final. Slower ballad type songs are usually pretty hit or miss for me, but this one really caught my attention. The song has a beautiful melody, and has this haunting feeling about it, especially during the first verse and chorus. The song builds over the 3 minutes, and I still get chills throughout the song. The end of the song from the bridge onwards is absolutely spectacular, and Moran really gets to show off her incredible voice. The staging was simple but beautiful, but I think what put people off is the outfit Moran was wearing. It seems a bit superficial to say that an outfit can cause a song not to qualify, but both Serbia and Israel had great songs that both missed out. To me, she could have worn a hessian sack and it still wouldn’t have taken away from the beauty of this song. A real shame to lose this in the semi-final!

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