Top 5 Non-Qualifiers of 2012!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve discovered the hidden gems of the Eurovision world, the songs that probably deserved to be in the final but didn’t quite make it. This week, we’re turning the clock back to 2012, where there were a whole bunch of songs we loved, but some of those got stuck behind in the semi-finals, and today we’ll be discussing our Top 5!

5. Anri Jokhadze – I’m A Joker

There were quite a few jokey write-offs in Eurovision 2012, from Valentina Monetta’s first appearance at Eurovision, to Rambo Amadeus from Montenegro, but how can you really go past the joker himself? This song epitomises Eurovision as it features every single gimmick possible, but despite that, Anri absolutely slays vocally, with what is actually a vocally challenging song. We’ve got drums, we’ve got pyro, we’ve got costume changes, a piano solo, the smoke machine and an acrobat. It’s intense, probably the most intense 3 minutes in Eurovision history, but yet we have a small spot in our heart for the energetic Anri.

4. Sofi Marinova – Love Unlimited

How can we write our Top 5 without featuring the Bulgarian Gypsy Goddess Sofi Marinova?! This was really an assault to all the senses, yet somehow wedged its way into our memories. I mean, we have to give the lady credit where credit is due: she performed on stage alone, no backing singers or dancers for a song which essentially inherently, well you’d think, needs both of those things. Despite being on her lonesome, she still nails the entire song like a true diva, and we even get a taste for her somewhat questionable dance moves. The pyro was an extra touch which gives this song an extra element to love, almost to the point where the love is actually unlimited. This song was damn close to reaching the final, it was in 11th place, but in fact, Bulgaria had tied with Norway, however Norway was the eventual qualifier due to tie-break processes. So close yet so far…

3. Anmary – Beautiful Song

We were discussing joke style entries above with I’m a Joker, and arguably, Latvia’s entry could have been classified as one as well, but joke or not, this really is quite a beautiful song. It’s this interesting mix of egotistical and ironic that makes this absolutely hilarious, but ironic for me is that it gets stuck in my head, especially the choruses. The melody is simple but hooks you in, and vocally, this hits all the right spots. The final few notes that Anmary hits are pretty dang good, and just makes you think of the potential Latvia would have had with a different song, but yes, we do think it’s beautiful enough to feature as number 3!

2. Izabo – Time

This was one of those songs which I fell in love with instantly, but at the time, Eurofans didn’t agree. Some ‘time’ has passed now and my love for this song hasn’t faded one bit. It has this unique alternative sound, as my trusty source Wikipedia describes Izabo’s style as a mix of indie rock, disco and Middle Eastern, and all three of those elements come into Time. I feel it’s something that Eurovision hadn’t seen before, or something not often seen, and there’s something really charming about this song. I like the bilingual elements, I like the lyrics and the music itself. I like the staging I really like everything about this. The funniest part of this performance though is the keyboardist of the band, and as you watch this performance, you’ll probably see that a few champagnes have gone down alright, or otherwise the nerves have come out in a very humorous way!

1. Filipa Sousa – Vida Minha

Ok seriously Europe, we need to have a chat. This is easily one of the most beautiful songs to take to the Eurovision stage, not only in 2012 but of all time. Despite that, it didn’t even make the final. Please explain. This is a stunning Portuguese ballad which just oozes Portuguese-ness not only through the beautiful national language, but the music is so quintessentially Portuguese. Her voice is stunning throughout the song, and the backing singers complement her perfectly. It’s funny because before the contest, I didn’t bat an eyelid at this song, but after the contest, and as the years go by, I have fallen more and more in love with this song, and it is SO criminal that this didn’t make it through to the final!

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