Barei releases Worry, Worry Music Video!

A few months back, Eurovision fans were excited to see that Spanish fan favourite Barei released not one, not two but three new singles within a matter of weeks. The songs, Wasn’t Me, Forget It and Worry, Worry all impressed us with their modern electro elements mixed with meaningful lyrics. Now, the last of the three singles that was released has an accompanying music video!

As we had previously discussed, the song is about her previous behaviours that she is ready to learn from in the hope that her partner will stick by her side. The music video doesn’t feature this ‘partner’ but instead her musical partner in the song, Porta, who chimes in with a rap break through the song.

The clip was shot in an incredible location that’s making us impatient for the summer holidays to come back around! Barei dances around on the sand, and contemplates while on a boat on the calm ocean water, all with the sun shining bright in the background. Barei, next time take us all on holiday with you, alright?!

Watch the video down below, and if you want to see the lyric videos for all of Barei’s recent releases, you can check it out in our previous post.