Junior Eurovision Graduation: Paulina Skrabytė takes on The Voice!

It’s been less than a week since Junior Eurovision 2017, and although it’s over for another year, we’re still in the Junior Eurovision bubble – we just can’t get enough! Often while watching Junior Eurovision, we ponder the future of these young and talented artists. We’ve seen some of these Junior Eurovision stars graduate to ‘adult’ Eurovision, and some go on to participate in local talent shows, much like our next subject…

Perhaps you might not remember, but back in 2011, Lithuania was represented by Paulina Skrabytė with the song Debesys. She finished in 10th place out of a total of 13, and for many, she may have fallen into the depths of Junior Eurovision history never to be seen again, but Paulina is making herself known again through The Voice of Lithuania.

The now 16 year old Lithuanian artist performed Taylor Swift’s international hit ‘Shake It Off’ which piqued the interest of two of the judges, but unfortunately not former Eurovision star Donny Montell. Regardless, Paulina continued through to the next round under the team of well-known producer, songwriter and DJ Leon Somov.

Progressing through to the knockout round, Paulina performed the song ‘Impossible’ by Shontelle, which once again displayed her incredible talent. She continued to impress, with a qualification to the battle rounds where she was paired against Isabella Mia with the song ‘Say Something’ by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera. Watch the performance below and you’ll see why Paulina managed to score a spot in the live shows!

Paulina will continue in the live shows in the coming weeks, and we wish her all the best! Watch her Junior Eurovision performance below: