Saara Aalto to perform Monsters at Eurovision!

It’s was one of the most anticipated national selections of the 2018 season, and we finally reached the day that Finnish Eurovision representative Saara Aalto would be elected a song that she would take to Eurovision.

As we know, this year’s UMK was different to previous years, with the Finnish broadcaster scrapping the multiple artist format and internally selecting Saara Aalto, fresh off her X Factor UK success. Over the last month or so, we’ve been able to hear the three options that the Finnish public had to choose from, but an epic televised show was held last night to choose from these options.

The three songs specifically written for Saara were:

  • Monsters

  • Domino

  • Queens

The fans responded well to the three entries, but formed a strong opinion that Monsters would be the best entry for Saara to perform at Eurovision this year. Ultimately, it was a mixture of jury and televote which decided the winning entry, so let’s go through the votes!

We’ll start with the jury, who gave a total of 88 points to Monsters, with Domino a close second with 84 points and Queens on 68 points. With a close race, it would be up to the televoting to decide which would be the winning song. Televoting revealed the same order, where Monsters received the top votes with 95, Domino in second with 75 and Queens with 70 points.

With the points combined, Monsters was the runaway winner with a total of 183 points. In second was Domino with 159 points and Queens with 138 points.

Watch the performance below, and make sure to tell us what you think! You can also read more about Saara Aalto here! 


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