Georgia complete the Eurovision 2018 line up with For You!

They were one of the first nations to announce their 2018 Eurovision act, and they are now the last nation to release their Eurovision entry for this year. We’re of course talking about Georgia, who had previously announced that the ethnic folk group Iriao would be representing the nation this year.

The song is called For You, and in Georgian, Sheni Gulistvis, which falls under their style of focusing on powerful vocals and beautiful instrumentation, both of which feature in this song. It’s less of the jazz style we were expecting, but the song delivers on the ethno folk promise, especially with the song being performed in Georgian language.

Some fans have drawn similarities between the 2013 Croatian group Klapa s Mora, and at the core the groups both feature similar styles. It’s an interesting change for Georgia, who have only once featured the Georgian language in a Eurovision entry, albeit only for a small portion back in 2012.

Watch their official video here: